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Perm services:
transfer perms for fine hair
              perm repair
              partial perms

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               Men's Hair Color too
Color Correction
Hair Color Correction
we use -----
              Vanish Color Remover
Framesi Fram Futura Hair Color
Framesi Fram 2001 Hair Color
Framesi 221 Hair Color
Glamour Hair Color
Passion Hair Color framesi
Eclectic Hair Color
Best Way To Cover Gray Hair

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Top Banana Ltd

1072 N. Swan Rd, Tucson AZ   85711
             appointments: (520) 326-8137

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Framesi Italian Style -the fashion world trend releases are designed to spark ideas and help you with your look. Chose part form oe and part from another to fit your lifestyle and your needs.

Try the new Elcectic Demi-Permanent Color Fun  and the ability to change too!
                   1- it  makes the look and
                   2- it's gone in 6 weeks if you want a new look or
                   3- it's back the next time you come in.

                   4 - Eclectic Hair Color is used in this trend release

Have a peek at the fall winter collection for 08 09.  Come In and see it all in person. 326-8137.
Because your hair is the one fashion accessory you wear every day!
Touch & Go 1
Touch & Go 2
Touch & Go 3
Touch & Go 4
Touch & Go 5
Touch & Go 6
Stay & Feel 1
Stay & Feel 2
Stay & Feel 3
Stay & Feel4
Stay & Feel 5
Stay & Feel 6

 Come In there is more to see - read about clothes - make-up  shoes - etc that make trend / look work!

There is more to see come on in and see for yourself.


A Top Banana a Tucson beauty salon, barber shop offers Framesi Passion temporary hair color

1072 N. Swan Rd, Tucson AZ   85711           Top Banana™  appointments:  (520) 326-8137

As a "Framesi Elite Salon" we offer the latest in fashion trends, colors and styles,  from Milan Italy, right here in Tucson.

Top Banana is both a Tucson Beauty Salon and Barber Shop.

In addition to Cuts, Styles & Perms, specialize in  Hair Color.
We also offer hair products & know how, to help you take care of your hair between visits.

Hair By Top Banana, Tucson AZ
Top Banana is located, 50 yards south of Speedway on Swan, in the building next to Circle-K 

Convenient parking & the main entrance are all behind the building.



presented by: Joan & John Waugh

It is our goal to be sure you happy with your hair service and home hair products by offering quality products and services at a fair cost.  Even if you are just browsing, drop us a note and let us know what you think about our web site.  We would like to hear from you. email.gif (1107 bytes)

Click on a link and look through our pages. Thanks for stopping by, 

Joan & John Waugh


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