damaged hairDamaged Hair Repair Tucson

Damaged Hair Repair is not impossible and DOES NOT have to cost a fortune! At the Top Banana Hair Salon, in Tucson, we can help you find a solution (save) for your damaged hair.

Every time we think "we have it all," when it comes to damaged hair - someone else brings us a new surprise. Whether from chemical damage from color - perming - bleaching or wishful thinking, or especially form our favorite nurses and their "let's change our hair parties." To damage form hair perm, heat styling with a flat iron, curling iron or blow-dryer, we can offer you different solutions to get your hair back on track. YES your hair can look better and feel healthier, have more shine,be stronger and be a whole lot easier to live with at home.

 damaged hair repair tucsonDamaged Hair Repair can give you different ways to save your hair:

  • your --- Pound of Cure
  • deep conditioning treatments (inside your hair)
  • protective conditioning treatments (outside your hair)
  • -
  • your Ounce of prevention
  • take home knowledge and steps you can take to prevent hair damage is your An Ounce Of Prevention
  • -
  • each option can be tailored to your specific hair needs

We can give you advice and service for your Damaged Hair and offer you in-salon solutions and at-home tools and products to help repair your current damage and prevent damage from occurring in the future.

Call today to schedule your Damaged Hair Repair consultation today, and remember, the more information you can provide us with about how your hair damaged occurred, the more helpful we can be!

Our In-Salon Damaged Hair Repair Treatments include:

Lanza Ultimate Treatment
Starts at $45    
with - Moisture, Volume, and/or Strength Boosters ... balanced for your hair

Emergency Hair Repair Treatments Tucson
Starts at $35 and depends on the  length of your hair

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