Fine Hair Hints


Fine Hair Hints


Fine Hair Hints

Fine Hair Hints

If you have Fine Hair and would like to share one or more of the things that work for you please write to us at If some product or small "trick" helps you it may be able to help someone else.

Joan has fine hair, wears 2-hair colors in the latest fashion trend. 1st color is a 2-process color ( bleach and tone)  and 2nd color is a single process color. Joan says she has to fix her hair every day to get the new "flipped out, chopped up look" that does so much for her. Every morning she:

  1. shampoos using Color Lover Volume Shampoo formulation
  2. follow using Color LoverVolume Conditioner 
    combine together & apply, work through the hair. Leave on hair 3 minutes before  rinsing
  3. allows hair to dry on the way to work
  4. spray on and leave in f Color Lover Hair Primer 11
  5. use a body building STYLING AID to give you more fullness and body BY Gel or BY Mousse
  6. finishes blow-drying hair
  7. uses her flat iron for lift & volume
  8. applies hairspray to set her look BY HairSpray

It took her 3 tries to get it down to perfection but now it's easy and looks great on her! Great Shine & hold. see Collor Lover Hair Products

Virginia was much easier. She had long hair that was just laying there and looking dry and frizzy. When we shampooed her hair we discovered it had a natural curl that the length (and Virginias brushing) were pulling out. Virginia was frizzing her hair with her blow dryer. A Shorter haircut, with mousse and no drying simplified Virginias life. This worked because Virginia knew she had no skills when it came to fixing her hair. She told us flat out she didn't want to learn any skills. "I just want a hairstyle that does itself". She was also willing to have one of the new - look shorter styles that let the hidden advantages in her hair work for her. Her new hairstyle will need to be trimmed up every 4 to 6 weeks to keep Virginias work has been reduced to a minimum. Now it is even easier just combine a little Framesi BY Mousse and Framesi I.Dentity Hold.up pump hairspray and styling tool.

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