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Fine Hair Perm Solutions

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Example #1: Fine Hair Perm Solutions

Ia this your problem? -

When you get a curly perm does your hair stay forever, but when you get a body perm it seems to disappears in 3or 4 days? If you know these symptoms and still want a more open curl, or a body perm that will last in your hair ...  you have been  looking for a "Transfer Perm!" You can pick:

  1. a quarter size diameter curl for "just body;"

  2. a "larger 5-cent diameter curl" if you want just a little more curl;   or

  3. a dime size diameter curl if you want to put some "curl in your fine hair"

Like Double-mint Gum  it's like 2, yes 2, I say 2 perms in one. (Sorry about that folks, but it is true, accurate and hopefully a fairly easy way to help you remember.)  So the Transfer Perm takes twice as long to do and will cost almost twice as much as regular perm. If you recognize the symptoms we know you have spent the money and ended up too curly, then tried again and seen your body wave slide away, or been left with over processed dry hair because someone thought the perm solution could "force in" the wave.  Only you can decide if you really want to try and get the curl you have been looking for without the over processing your hair.

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