Emergency Hair Repair What to Expect

Emergency Hair Treatment by Framesi

After 39 + years in the hair business, at the same location, our #1 problem with hair treatments, is all the PAST "failed hair treatment" attempts and Promises .... Year after year we have been looking for a hair treatment to help our clients. Of course we tried anything and everything, all and any manufacturers told us would help your hair. Some with better results than others. But no until now, has there been a "WOW" THIS TRATMENT WORKS!" Treatment available ANYWHERE that we could find. emergency hair treatment

  • If you know your hair is messed-up and needs help - this is your answer.
  • If your hair caught on fire (happened to my niece) - this treatment can help.
  • If your before kemo therapy normal hair was lost, and your new, after kemo hair, that you feel lucky to have, has the normal the course after-kemo
    "brillow-pad-hair feeling" ... this treatment is for you.
  • If you have a friend who just has to have long hair even thought it looks like hell because it is falling apart? - This is your friends answer!
  • The 4-biggest problem we have are
    A-the un-willingness or the "I have given up all hope of having good hair" and "I am willing to live with my mess" because I don't know what to do to that or
    "I don't believe my hair could be better". and
    B-Denial--- by the general public that their hair is actually damaged.and
    C- Fear that the treatment will cause the hair to "go flat" or "be too soft" or somehow change into an undesirable state, or have no body, and
    D- I don't want to take a chance because I might like the treatment and even though I might love what this treatment does for my hair ... I don't want to have / or want to know / or can't afford to --- pay for hair treatments. If I never try a treatment I will never know what I am missing so I choose not to try.

  1. First here is what to expect when you get you hair treatment
    your step by step --->> Framesi Hair Repair Treatment Directions
  2. Designed for bleached and toned (double processed) hair.
    Expect this treatment to work well on ALL "beat-up" or damaged, or transplanted hair.
  3. Here are some of the " things" our clients have told us ...
    • Expect better feeling hair when your treatment is done.
    • For severe damage Expect to
      - get Treatment #1 on day #1
      - get Treatment #2 on day #15 and
      - get a new treatment once a month until new un-damaged hair grows out to replace the severely damaged hair that was cut off.
      -If your are growing it out and keeping you damaged hair instead of trimming it off as it grows out, you will probably need to keep up these treatments.
    • Expect your treatment to last up-to 4 weeks
    • After your 20 minutes under the dryer (at the end of step 2) before you rinse your hair expect to feel stiffness between your fingers while rinsing and before putting on step #3
    • After the 5 minutes has elapsed, and when your hair is being rinsed after step #3, expect your fingers to tell you your hair feels great!
    • The next day when you are using your shampoo and conditioner expect your treatment to fell like it is gone - UNTIL you feel you hair when it is dry and styled. It sounds strange but on day 2 and all of the following days. some clients tell us they can't be sure the treatment is "IN THERE" until after they dry their hair. (Come to think of it --- isn't that what happens every day with normal hair?)
    • Expect you hair to feel like hair again. We now have clients who tell us their hair NO LONGER feels damaged. (Don't expect not to feel damage as this is the exception - not the rule.)
    • Still other clients tell us they know their hair was damaged but didn't know they could do anything about the damaged feeling. So they were "JUST PUTTING UP with BAD HAIR" because they did not know their hair could be better!
    • Expect to put up with the bad breaking hair you are keeping, unless you get some type of treatment to help you with your hair problem. All of the treatments in the word can't help you if you don't use them.

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