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Framesi Hair Colorr means: A custom consultation and a custom shade created just for you - Highlights just where you want them - Fashion Flair hair color placement to enhance your cut - Natural-looking, long-lasting gray coverage - High-fashion color & style from  Framesi Trend Release program

With Framesi Hair Color you & your hair colorist  have many choices including:

 Demi Permanent

 Demi Permanent



Eclectic Hair Color

Glamour Hair Color

Futura Hair Color

 Framesi 2001

  • Color pigments penetrate deep and never build up
  • amazing shine and silkiness
  • Protectants completely surround the hair, for long lasting results
  • Color pigments
  • Ultra-conditioning, coconut oil base
  • Perfect balance of primary colors at each level
  • Absolute gray coverage
  • 68 intermixable shades
  • 20 bases
  • endless possibilities
  • Ultra-conditioning, coconut oil base
  • Perfect balance of primary colors at each level
  • Absolute gray coverage
  • 89 intermixable shades
  • 20 bases
  • endless possibilities
  • Operated by professionals, for professionals, Framesi is not a retail conglomerate. Framesi was established in 1945 and is now distributed in over 70 countries worldwide. Based in the world's fashion capitol, Milan, Italy, Framesi is the leading manufacturer of hair color sold in Italy. Clients and hairstylists using Framesi Hair Color have discovered beautiful color, color that leaves hair feeling naturally soft and beautifully manageable, and hair color that lasts and lasts. With Framesi Hair Color, your color fades far less than other hair colors thanks to the addition of Coconut Oil.

    Roberto Franchina, the founder of Framesi, painstakingly blended the art of hair color with the technology of hair care. Introduced to the American market in 1979, Framesi hair color products have grown across America ever since.

    The professional lines of hair care products were designed specifically for colored and chemically treated hair. These shampoos, conditioners and styling aids were designed by master chemists for use with the advanced lines of Framesi' Framcolor Futura,  Framcolor 2001, Eclectics, and Passion Hair Colors.

    When you color your hair, your styling products and your home hair-care do make a difference.

    Framesi Biogenol Color Hair Care Products

    For almost fifty years, one company has defined to the world the art of premium professional hair color, Framesi of Milan, Italy. Known the world-over as the maker of the world's most luxurious, deep-conditioning imported cream color, Framesi now brings you 3 Color Care Systems to shooxe from. Color Lover, BY Hair Products, and the I.Dentity Hair Products. The industry's most complete care and styling system for you and all the other folks who color their hair.

    * Coconut Oil 
    From Nutrition to Skincare to Hair care, Coconut Oil Is the Healthiest Oil on Earth

    The Journal of Cosmetic Medicine has proven what Framesi chemists always known, Coconut oil, a primary ingredient in Framesi color, offers protective and conditioning benefits that are far superior to these of other vegetable oils used in hair care. This data joins a multitude of findings on the advantages of coconut oil for both body hair and skin. Of the oils tested, coconut oil was proven to be the one capable of penetrating the hair fiber and minimizing protein loss during a chemical service. Not only does protein loss result in damaged hair with reduce strength, resilience and shine, it also affects color durability - the more protein that is lost, the faster color will fade.

    Other oils were found to do nothing to reduce protein loss. Coconut oil was proven superior in protecting the hair from breakage during combing and other grooming procedures. The only cream color that offers the conditioning benefits of coconut oil, Framesi color leaves the heir shinier than any other hair color on the market. Further more, because the coconut oil in the Framesi color base leaves the hair strong and undamaged, the color will last much longer; whereas cream colors that do not adequately condition the hair can experience drastic fading. As part of Framesi color rich, cream base, coconut oil will never build up on the hair and cause problems with future chemical services.

    Feature: of coconut oil in you hair color Benefits of coconut oil in your hair color
    Coconut Oil protects hair from protein loss during chemical service!



    • Superior Condition
    • Unsurpassed Strength and Resilience
    • Damage Resistance
      (even after repeated services!)
    • Magnificent ShineUniversal Color Durability

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