Hair Color Correction

Hair Color Correction

Top Banana Hair Salon & Barber Shop offers Framesi Hair Color Services, Including Hair Color Correction & Eclectic Hair Color

One  primary rule of color correction  is that when you cover color with color, your new color will always end up darker. There many different ways to say it: color plus color, color on color, color over color; but the results will always be the same. Your new hair color will always be darker than the color you are trying to fix. Do not expect to add color to your already colored hair and have it come out lighter. It doesn't matter how you say it: Standard  Hair Color added to Standard Hair Color always goes darker.

We can use certain products that can help you avoid making your hair a darker color, like Framesi's 221 Series Color Correcting Hair Color.

Framesi Hair Color services include scheduling time for a consultation so we can discuss your hair color and help you choose the service that fits your lifestyle needs. We will help you choose from the Framesi Color Comparison Chart offered in all of the Framesi Hair Color Lines.  When doing color correction there may be several options that you have not considered that we can introduce you to. We will also advise you if your expectations are not realistic or exceed the ability of the products at our salon or the remaining capacity of your hair.

Our first priority is to protect your hair as much as possible,
while we correct your hair color.

Wrong Color?
Whether you just added a new color or decided the color you have had for the last year is just not right, there are more ways to change, fix up, repair or enhance your current hair color than you may know. 

Color Too Light?
Believe it or not this may be great news! It's a lot easier on you hair to go darker than to go lighter. In fact, when we color correct, we would rather come out too light than too dark because it is easier to fix for both you and your hair. 

Dull Color?
The fastest temporary answer may be a spray shine product for instant luster. The right color shampoo can always brighten your hair color if you want to use it on a regular basis. The real answer is to use quality color protecting shampoos, conditioners & protection sprays to lock in shine and protect your hair color from fading. We offer a wide variety of salon hair products at prices for every budget. Visit our Salon Hair Products page for a list of brands we carry and for easy on-line ordering.

Brassy Color
Where does brassy hair color come from? Here is what happens inside your hair: Most colors use peroxide to lift your color and develop the color you want to add. The warmest, biggest, first to be attacked hair color molecule is the blue one, which hides your brassy tones by browning them out. When the peroxide dissolves your blue molecule, you see your brassy color shining through. There are 3 ways of dealing with brassy hair color:

  • Don't go brassy in the first place! Use a developer that deposits with minimal to no lift. We have been doing this for years! Men particularly like this because they loose the grey and look  about 10 years younger, without the brassy hair tones.

  • Add blue or ash tones to hide the brassy in your hair. Ash-based and natural-base hair colors are designed do this. Avoid using hair products that remove the blue we just put in your hair, so the brassy stays gone, or use a color shampoo that keeps replenishing the tones your hair keeps loosing when you shampoo, like Roffler Silver Shampoo.

  • Take out all the brassy out so there is none to see. Take out all the color until your hair is past the brassy stage and put back the color you want to see.

Color Too Dark?
Remember, color on color, almost always, goes darker. At this point, we have a couple of options. Framesi 221 Series is a color designed to put over color and go LIGHTER!  This is one possible solution. hair color corrector

Some folks come in after coloring their hair to go lighter (but ending up darker).  Then trying again and going even darker!! To fix your hair color when your color is too dark, one solution is bleach, another is Vanish Color Remover

Permanent color need not be permanent.

  • If you are allergic to sulfur this product is NOT for you.
  • Vanish offers Color Correction without stress or damage.
  • Vanish gently reduces the size of color molecules, allowing the color to be washed away, with no damage to the hair.
  • VANISH™ does not contain peroxide, bleach, or ammonia
    (however the last step requires a 10 volume peroxide)

  • VANISH™ does not affect the natural color of the hair, so permanent or semi permanent hair color can be applied the same day.<
  • VANISH™ reverses the oxidation of permanent hair color.
  • You may re-apply VANISH™ up to 3 times a day

**This process also requires heat from an overhead dryer.

If you need to, we can do additional color correction after removing the color you no longer want. This will require a strand test to be sure we are not going too dark. (Your Natural Color + whatever color the treatment Vanish did not get out + any new additional color we add, will give you your end color.)

Vanish will take some colors of black hair and bring them up to a dark brown in one application. We are limited to 3 applications of Vanish per day.

Bleach: Bleach is a combination of a lifting agent (usually peroxide but sometimes enzymes) and a boosting agent that, when combined, can go inside your hair shaft and and break down color molecules until your eye can no longer see any color. If you have already colored you hair several times in an attempt to correct your color yourself, and your color is still not right, you must be careful. Each process you have done has weakened your hair slightly. Several processes may bring the sum of this damage to a high enough level that it is now significant. The bleaching process may melt off your already damaged hair before it removes the color.  Remember, hair bleach is designed to remove your natural hair color pigments; now you are asking it to remove any remaining natural pigment and all of the unwanted artificial hair color pigments you added along the way. We do not recommend that bleaching your hair at home. Hair Bleaching should always be done by a salon professional to minimize damage to your hair and maximize effectiveness.

Hair Color Correction

We can also protect and strengthen your Color Corrected hair with our
Framesi Emergency Hair Repair Treatment. One Treatment that suprises clients. "WOW it really worked! " Results.

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