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Our Framesi Hair Color Your color correction service starts with a consultation. Your consultation is where we discuss you, your life style needs, your time needs, as well as the hair color and final look that you want. Our goal is to help you find the color that fits your lifestyle and the time you have to spend with your hair every day. Your consultation is also where together, we discuss your hair color and help you choose the service will get you from the color you have now, to the color you want. More importantly we try to fit your hair style and hair color together to compliment your lifestyle and you look. We will help you choose from the Framesi color comparison chart offered in the three main Framesi Hair Color Lines: Framesi Eclectics, Fram Color & Frame Futura, and the Framesi  221 Series.  In short, if Framesi makes the color we have it in stock.

Your hair color correction, may be several options that you have not yet considered. We will advise you if your expectations are not realistic or exceed the ability of the products at our salon or the remaining capacity of your hair. Our first priority is to protect your hair as much as possible, while we correct your hair color.

After Color Correction Hair Care Treatments can also protect your hair and make your life easy.

  • We can remove most permanent hair color you (or someone else) has added to your hair.  We use Vanish Color Remover (and sometimes bleach) to remove unwanted color from your hair. The product we choose all depends on what is best for your hair, and the final result you are trying to acheive.

  • If you need to, we can make additional color adjustments after removing the color you no longer want.

  • Adjustments often require a strand test to be sure we are not going too dark. (Your Natural Color + whatever color the Vanish color remover did not get out + any additional color we add, will give you your end color. To be sure we are not going too dark again we  often strand test.

  • It is safer to go to light with your new color than to go to dark and have to once again remove the unwanted color

  • It is a great deal easier to add a little color to light hair than take have to re-remove a color that is once darker than the desired color you are looking for.

  • Simply put, in most cases, it is better for you and safer for your hair to end up a little on the lighter side.

More On Hair Color Correction including 
Color Remover - Wrong ColorColor Too Light - Dull Color - Brassy Color - Color Too Dark

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