Hair Color for Men

Top Banana Barber Shop is the perfect spot for practical men looking for Hair Color for Men. We've got over thirty years experience with coloring men's hair, and we've picked up so great tricks on the way, so you won't have to come back every week to re-cover your silver roots or highlights.

  • We know you don't want the tell tale orange tinge that gives away so many hair color looks. We can even tell you why the orange tinge happens and either stop it in the first place or make it go away.
  • We know you don't want the green tinge from so many do it yourself  home hair colors.
  • We can give you a natural looking hair color
  • We can give you color to make an obvious fashion statement too
  • You can try a demi-permanent color that comes out in 6 weeks with Framesi Eclectic Hair Color
  • If you want to make a fashion statement with your hair color
           .. we do that too!,

Our men's hair color clients are so happy with our work, that they always refer their friends, their co-workers and their neighbors to Top Banana Barber Shop. So, if you want to cover some gray, add highlights or lowlights, or are just looking for a great hairstyle,  relax, come join the other guys who know the Top Banana Men's Hair Color difference.  

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