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Nano Works is another name for Molecular Nano Technology --- for your hair: It is like getting the orange juice and never seeing the Orange or the Orange Peel only it happens on on a molecular level and it helps your hair.

Molecular Namo Technology renews, restores and rejuvenates your damaged color treated hair!   Molecular Nano Technology delivers deep, penetrating ingredients to repair and protect your hair and offer up to three times the strength of using a conditioner alone. Vegetable proteins strengthen and restore your hair, while provides maximum color protection - together creating the most effective restorative treatment available.

Why Molecular Nano Technology?
It gives you a superior performing treatment product that dramatically improves the construction of damaged hair by restoring hair back to its optimum condition. It protects your hair and your hair color.

Colure Hair Products were designed using Molecular Nano Technology formulation for your hair.

In short if any plant has molecules that would be beneficial for your hair the Molecular Nana Technology allows the manufacturer to go in and take out the molecule or molecules needed to benefit your hair, without having to use molecules, that your hair does not require. You get the exact molecule you need without the ones you don't need. Once again Nano Technology for your hair is like getting the orange juice and never seeing the Orange or the Orange Peel it just happens on the much smaller molecular level. Just like with the orange, you don't need the peel to get the benefits of your orange juice and have the benefits of Vitamin C .

Advanced Molecular Nano Technology:
The nanometer molecules penetrate the hair shaft to:

  • Maximize color retention  
  • Dramatically improves hair condition
  • Provides thermal and color protection
  • Dramatically rebuilds and repairs damaged hair
  • Repairs, restores moisturizes and strengthens
  • Speeds up drying time up to 75% faster

Colure Hair Products contain Molecular Nano Technology materials in their formulations

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