roffler sculpture haircut


Roffler Sculpture Haircut

Roffler Sculpture Haircut

Roffler Sculpture Haircut The Shorter Razor Cut Style was trademarked and Franchised as the Roffler Sculpture Kut by Edmond "Pop" Roffler. It is a short razor cut still being taught and used today.

This razor technique uses the razor hand to lightly cut the hair while the comb hand motion rolls to bring  the hair under the top layer, to the surface so it can be cut by the razor. The rule is better to cut to little 10 times than cut too much once. This gives a multi-dimensional layering on short hair imparting a finished look not offered by other methods.

Roffler Sculpture Haircut

The cut is adjusted in height at the top of the head, with a blow-styling techniques using an normal build  up for Square & Heart facial shapes and  a higher build up for Oval and Round facial shapes. The hair on the side of the face is left fuller to compensate for a Pear shaped facial structure.


Roffler Sculpture CutThe length on the sides and back  is also adjusted for facial characteristics. Shorter for Oval shapes, Medium for Round, and Longest for Heart, Square & Pear shaped facial structures.

It is up to the person styling the hair to teach you, their client, the proper styling techniques to use at home.


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