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Lanza Healing is the foundation for Beautiful Hair

What makes Lanza Hair Care Products so remarkable? - Lanza Hair Products are the only hair care products produced and designed to heal your hair. That's right Lanza USA is the only haircare company producing products that heal your hair. Healthy hair is vital not only to achieve your desired look, it's also a reflection of your overall beauty and well being. Lanza Hair Products are designed for increased demands placed on your hair by  chemically hair processes, increased heat from thermal styling tools, and your every day environmental aggressors. From Lanza Anti Ageing to Lanza Zero Weight Gel, Lanza has your hair healing answers from A to Z. Find your Lanza hair care products right here.

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Hair Repair     Dry Hair     Ultimate Treatment     Straight Line  
Urban Elements     Urban Elements Styling  Volume  Magic Bullet

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Lanza Healing Strength Formula
was called Anti Ageing
White Tea Shampoo   Manuka Honey Conditioner   Silk Serum
Sale Anti Ageing DUO   Sale Healing Strength DUO

Ageing Hair is NOT age related!
Unlike skin, biological age does not determine the age of hair. Hair's true age is determined by it's length and exposure to Age-Accelerators like chemical processing, heat and harsh environmental elements.

Cystine Peptides are the most abundant and important Amino Acid in hair. They give Keratin Protein its strength and hair its shape, form and structure. When hair ages, these Cystine Peptides are depleted and Peptide Bonds are weakened. L'ANZA's Cystine Peptide Complex replenishes vital Cystine Peptides back into the hair and strengthens the Peptide Bonds through an advanced cross-linking process. the result is hair with more shine, increased strength and improved elasticity. Hair Becomes healthy and radiant again, like when it was younger.

These 3 Products are designed as a 3- step 
for BEST Results
1) Use all 3 together  & 
2) Use for 2 weeks straight & you will see a big change in your hair!  

Lanza Healing Strength  White Tea Shampoo    White Tea Shampoo -Lanza Anti-Aging

  • Cystine Peptide Complex = CP

  • White Tea

  • Soap Bark

  • Vitamin C

  • Hylauranic Acid

  • Ceramide-2

  • UVA/UVB & UVC Protectors

  • Anti-Ozone Pollution Guards

  8oz   Healing Strength White Tea Shampoo 
33oz  Healing Strength White Tea Shampoo 

Lanza Healing Strength Manuka Honey Conditioner Manuka Mud by Lanza Anti-Aging Conditioner

  • Cystine Peptide Complex

  • Manuka Honey

  • Kaolin Mud

  • Vitamin C

  • Hylauranic Acid

  • Ceramide-2

  • UVA/UVB & UVC Protectors

  • Anti-Ozone Pollution Guards

   8.5oz Healing Strength  Manuka Honey Conditioner 
33.8oz Healing Strength  Manuka Honey Conditioner 

Lanza Healing Strength Neem Plant Silk Serum Neem Plant  Silk Serum - by lanza Anti Aging

  • Cystine Peptide Complex

  • Neem Plant

  • Vitamin C

  • Hylauranic Acid

  • Ceramide-2

  • UVA/UVB & UVC Protectors

  • Anti-Ozone Pollution Guards

  3.4oz  Healing Strength Neem Plant Silk Serum 

Lanza Anti Ageing DuoLanza Healing Strength DuoLanza Anti-ageing 33.8oz Duo

NEW FORMULATION! (was Lanza Anti Ageing)

1-33.8oz Healing Strength White Tea Shampoo
1-33.oz Healing Strength Manuka Honey Conditioner
2 FREE 22.8oz Pumps

 33.8oz Lanza Healing Strength Duo

See below for more  product information:
Healing Strength White Tea Shampoo
Healing Strength Manuka Honey Conditioner

Lanza Healing Moisture Formula
Tamanu Cream Shampoo    Kukui Nut Conditioner   Noni Fruit Detangler

Lanza Healing Moisture Tamanu Cream Shampoo    Healing Moisture Tamanu Cream Shampoo by Lanza

  • Tahitian Tamanu Oil & Polynesian Botanicals: Deliver moisture deep into the hair’s hydrated zones
  • Keratin Healing System™: Seals-in moisture, allowing hair to stay hydrated up to 2-times longer
  • Color-Preservers: Haircolor Lasts Longer
  • Natural Gugo Extract: Products abundant lather while it delicately removes impurities

      Apply to damp hair, lather, & rinse.

   8oz Lanza Healing Moisture Tamanu Cream Shampoo
33oz Lanza Healing Moisture Tamanu Cream Shampoo

Lanza Healing Moisture Kukui Nut Conditioner Healing Moisture Kuklui Nut Conditioner by Lanza

  • Hawaiian Kukui Nut and Polynesian Botanicals: Delivers soothing hydration into the hair’s cortex
  • Keratin Healing System™: Seals-in moisture, allowing hair to stay hydrated up to 2-times longer
  • Hair is touchably soft & exceptionally silky with restored health & sheen>

After shampooing, apply generously. Rinse thoroughly.

      8oz Healing Moisture Kukui Nut Conditioner 
33.8oz Healing Moisture Kukui Nut Conditioner 

Lanza Healing Moisture Noni Fruit  Detangler Healing Moisture - Noni Fruit Detangler by Lanza

  • Hawaiian Noni Fruit and Polynesian Botanicals: Improves combability and provides optimal hydration without heaviness
  • Keratin Healing System™: Seals-in moisture, allowing hair to stay hydrated up to 2-times longer 
  • Color-Preservers: Haircolor Lasts Longer
  • UVA / UVB / UVC Protection: Prevents Sun & UV Damage
  • Hair is incredibly smooth & manageable with renewed luster

     8oz Healing Moisture Noni Fruit Detangler   
33.8oz Healing Moisture Noni Fruit Detangler  

Lanza Art Elements
Bungee  Polyester  Reflex   Sequin   Tight  Design Cream  Taffy  Total Recall  Spray Gel

Bungee a Lanza styling aid -art elements

Lanza Art Elements Bungee Styling Aid

Elastic styling cream. Stretches and holds with body and bounce. Promotes malleable art forms, disjointed designs and moveable stretch.
  • For a style with moveable stretch, apply to dry hair & move into place; play with it – it snaps back!

  • For all-day control that springs into action, apply to damp, naturally curly hair & let dry.

  • For a springy bounce protected from heat, apply a small amount to damp hair, blow dry, curl or straighten with a flat iron as desired
  • For disjointed strands, apply to dry hair – the pieces will stay separated all day

  • For added fullness & hold, cocktail with Polyester

  • For added shine & definition, cocktail with L’ANZA Art Elements Sequin

  • For out-of-control styling, mix it up with Bodifying Foam L’ANZA Bodifying Foam

  • For added volume, apply L’ANZA Volume Root Effects at the scalp & L’ANZA Art Elements Bungee on the ends.

2.6oz  Lanza Bungee 

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Lanza Art Elements Polyester Styling AidPolyster Lanza styling aid - art elements

Adds texture, volume and shine. Provides long-lasting resilient support with touchable movement.
  • For fullness, bounce & shine, apply to clean, damp hair; blow dry as desired

  • For lift, volume & fullness with flexible hold, apply to dry hair at roots.

  • For moveable curl & frizz-control without weight, apply to damp, wavy or curly hair; scrunch-in while drying.

  • For a textured look, apply to wavy or curly hair & sculpt into place; dry naturally.

  • For a soft, romantic look on fine hair, apply to damp hair & rough-dry; follow with hot-roller set.

  • For added flexibility & thickness, cocktail with L’ANZA Molding Paste

  • For added shine, cocktail with L’ANZA  CP Anti Aging Neem Plant Silk Serum

  • For added volume & shine, cocktail with L’ANZA Volume Bodifying Liquid

  • For added control & shine, cocktail with L’ANZA Bodifying Foam

4.4oz  Lanza Polyester 

Reflex Lanza styling aid - art elements

Lanza Art Elements Reflex Styling Aid

Versatile working mist for touch-styling, brushing & finishing. With Smart Memory Technology™, hair bends, flexes & moves, then rebounds to its original look.

  • For long-lasting soft style, spray Reflex on wet hair & dry into place. Repeat mist for even longerlasting, touchable hold

  • For soft-hold curls with lasting memory, spray Reflex on dry hair. Curl with hot iron & style
  • For a soft, romantic up-style, spray dry hair with Reflex. Gently curl & pin hair in place. Re-spray for additional hold
  • For springy curls that bounce, apply L’ANZA Art Elements Bungee to damp hair & air-diffuse in place. Spray Reflex

  • For a natural, touchable, smooth style, apply Strait Line Smoother to damp hair & blow dry. Spray Reflex to lock-in style & lock-out humidity

  • For thick hair that needs a touch of glamour, apply CP Anti Aging Neem Plant Silk Serum to damp hair & dry. Finish with Reflex for shiny, moveable hold

8.5oz Lanza Reflex   
33oz  Lanza Reflex   

Lanza Art Elements Taffy Styling AidTaffy Lanza styling aid - art elements

Shapes, manipulates and twists hair into a diversity of artistic designs. Directs hair into movable forms and stylish contours.
  • For an all-day flexible hold with a sleek look, apply to clean, damp hair; comb-style as desired & dry naturally.

  • For frizz control & definition, apply to clean, dry, styled hair.

  • For a sleek finish, apply to clean, damp hair; blow-dry smooth; follow with a flat iron.

  • For curl definition, apply to clean, damp hair; shape curls & dry naturally.

  • For that “slept-in” look, cocktail with L’ANZA Molding Paste.


Tight Styling Glue by Lanza Art Elements
Lanza Art Elements Tight Styling Glue

Lanza Tight is an extreme styling glue you can use to shape, spike, twist and turn your hair!
  • Keatin Healing System heals, seals and protects improving styling control

  • Color Preservers

  • UVA/UVB/UVC Protectors

  • Thermal Guard & Rainforest Botanicals

4.4oz  Lanza Tight
Design Cream by Lanza Art Elements
Lanza Art Elements Design Cream
was called Style Cream

Design cream helps hair keep it's shape and style while making it more controllable. It gives you moveable support, weightless styling, and a radiant shine.

5.1oz  Lanza Design Cream
Lanza Art Elements Total Recall Styling AidTotal Recall  Lanza styling hair spray - art elements

Strong hold mist locks-in & memorizes any style. Provides longest shape retention possible. Smart Memory Technology™ empowers total style recall.
  • For volume, spray Total Recall at root then dry immediately using “cool shot” on your dryer

  • For a soft, romantic look, spray Total Recall on dry hair. Set with hot rollers & allow to cool. Remove rollers & finger style

  • For all-day style memory, spray Total Recall on finished style & forget it; your style has total recall.

  • For spiky styles that stay, apply L’ANZA Art Elements Polyester to damp hair then dry hair gently while guiding hair into place. Use low airflow & no heat. Spray Total Recall to capture the look.

  • For all-night, up-styles, spray L’ANZA Art Elements Reflex as you place it. Finish with Total Recall. Style will last all night long.

  • For full body, apply L’ANZA Art Elements Polyester to damp hair & dry into shape. Spray Total Recall to capture volume all-day long

8.5oz  Lanza Total Recall 
33oz   Lanza Total Recall 
Lanza Art Elements Spray Gel Styling Aid


Lanza Spray Gel is a light mist that will give your hair the body and shine you desire with plenty of support.

  • For a style that moves, shines & lasts, spray onto damp hair & blow dry.
  • For extra lift & volume, target root area & blow-dry.
  • For flicked-out styles with added support, spray onto damp hair as you blow-dry.
  • For soft, touchable curl support, set hair, spray onto hair & allow to dry. To complete style, brush & let hair fall naturally.
  • For styles with support & memory, apply Spray Gel, dry hair, then mist with Art Elements Total Recall.
  • For twisted styles that need extra support, apply Art Elements Taffy to damp hair & mist with Spray Gel as you twist.
  • For firm control & extreme support, apply Mega Gel to damp hair, mist with Spray Gel & let dry.
  • For fine hair that needs extra body, volume & all-day control, apply Art Elements Polyester to damp hair, mist with Spray Gel & blow-dry. To continue designing, use flat iron or curling iron.

8.5oz  Lanza Spray Gel  18.95
Lanza Art Elements Sequin Styling AidSequin  Lanza styling aid - art elements

Anti-frizz styling shimmer. Decorates and defines with a glistening shine. Provides a brilliant burst of high-gloss sheen with soft hold.


  • Keratin Healing System: Improves Styling Control & Hold
  • Color-Preservers: Hair color Lasts Longer
  • UVA / UVB / UVC Protection: Prevents Sun & UV Damage
  • Thermal Guard: Saves Hair From Meltdown
  • Rainforest Botanicals: Shine & Hold From Nature
  • For decorative shine, soft hold & sexy shimmer, apply to dry hair.

  • To stop frizz, hold-off humidity & seal the ends, apply to hair, push into place & watch it glisten.
  • For a shimmer that appears to radiate from within, apply to damp hair, dry & style.
  • For thickness & body, cocktail with  Molding Paste.
  • For up-styles & up do’s with control & shine, cocktail with  Bodifying Foam.
  • For that “next-day” look, cocktail with Taffy.

2.6oz  Lanza Sequin 

Lanza Magic Bullet

  • Restores Health
  • Adds Shine
  • Longer Lasting Color

Magic Bullet is a revolutionary deep-penetrating formulation that heals from within to add shine, calm frizzies, and extend the life of your color.

Magic Bullet Hair Healer is a revolutionary, deep-penetrating formulation that heals hair from within.

L'ANZA says, "First heal the damage." How? Use "Magic Bullet hair healer."

How Magic Bullet works:

  • Penetrates deep inside the cuticle to restore strength and integrity to the cuticle wall

  • Heals damaged areas of the interior cortex

  • Repairs hair's structural barrier

  • Seals in color, moisture and nutrients

  • Shields from harmful elements and damaging aggressors

  • Protects from UV rays, thermal styling and chemical treatments

  • Forms a protective barrier to seal in vital components and keep out harmful elements

Use daily by spraying the ultra-concentrated dose into dry or damp hair and leave-in.
Apply prior to styling and blow-drying to protect from thermal damage.  

  4.2oz   Lanza Magic Bullet 
33.8oz  Lanza Magic Bullet  

Lanza Healing Color Care Formula
Preserving Shampoo  Preserving Conditioner  Preserving Texture Cream
Fade Protector & Moisturizer  Preserving Design Gel  Shine Glistener
 Finishing Spray

Lanza Healing ColorCare, is the only color care line, to heal the hair a crucial benefit for maintaining hair color.

Independent lab tests prove L'ANZA's Healing ColorCare system extends haircolor up to 107% longer over leading professional brands.

Lanza Color Care Preserving Shampoo

Lanza Color Care Preserving Shampoo
  • Unsurpassed color retention

  • Extra mild, sulfate-free formula

  • Gentle on hair

  • Silky shine

  • Full spectrum color protection

  • Triple UV protectors

10.1oz Color Care Shampoo 
33.8oz Color Care  Shampoo
64oz    Color Care  Shampoo  

Color Care Preserving Conditioner

Lanza Color Care Preserving Conditioner 

  • Unsurpassed color retention

  • Ultra Healing Formula

  • Smoothes & Detangles hair

  • Reduces combing stress by 50%

  • Adds silky softness 7 Radiant Shine

  8oz   Color Care Conditioner
33oz  Color Care Conditioner

Lanza Color Care Fade Protector & Moisturizer

Lanza Color Care Fade Protector & Moisturizer
  • Most advanced fade protection treatment

  • Unsurpassed Color retention

  • Rep;enishes moisture without weight

  • Triple UV color protectors

  • Heat/Thermal guards

  • Does not add weight

  • Full spectrum color protection

  • Anti-pollution/anti-ozone color protectors

>   5oz  Fade Protector & Moisturizer  
33oz  Fade Protector & Moisturizer 

Lanza Color Care Preserving Texture Cream

Lanza Color Care Preserving Texture Cream

  • Unsurpassed color retention

  • Allows natural hold, flexible control

  • Adds shine & dimension

  • Separates & Smoothes

  • Tames Frizzes

  • Does not add weight

  • full spectrum color protection

  • Triple UV protectors

   5oz Color Care Texture Cream 

Lanza Color Care Preserving Design Gel

Lanza Color Care Preserving Design Gel

5.1oz  Lanza Preserving Design Gel 

Lanza Color Care Shine Glistener

Lanza Color Care Shine Glistener

7oz  Lanza Color Care Shine Glistener 

Lanza Color Care Finishing Spray

Lanza Color Care Finishing Spray


10.6oz  Lanza Finishing Spray 

Lanza Hair Repair Formula
Protein Plus Shampoo   Reconstructor  Leave-In Protector  Ultimate Treatment


All Hair Repair Formula products are ideal for maintaining strength or building strength in weakened hair, resulting from overexposure to the elements, chemical damage, and thermal damage.

Lanza Hair Repair Protein Plus Shampoo Protein Plus Shampoo by Lanza

A creamy coconut-based cleanser that carries nutrients and proteins deep into the hair shaft. Lather in repair and strength to replace and balance the vital protein and moisture ratio in damaged, overstressed hair. Added absorbable protein means stronger hair, more manageable hair and hair that shines from within. Formulated for all types of hair needing extra strength.

10.1oz   Lanza Hair Repair Protein Plus Shampoo 
33.8oz   Lanza Hair Repair Protein Plus Shampoo 61.31

Reconstructor by Lanza Lanza Hair Repair Reconstructor

An ultra-rich, fast-acting hair repair treatment that helps reverse chemical damage, promote healing, and restore overall tensile strength in the hair. The deep penetrating Keratin Bond System® in this formula, along with an advanced nutritional complex of natural vitamins and botanicals, deliver a powerhouse of protein to improve hair texture and feel with one treatment. Formulated for all types of hair needing extra strength and body. The ideal choice for people who have had, or are going to have chemical services, such as perms or color.

   4.23oz    Lanza Hair Repair Reconstructor 
   33.8oz    Lanza Hair Repair Reconstructor 
   128 oz    Lanza Hair Repair Reconstructor  

Leave-In Protector By LanzaLanza Hair Repair Leave-In Protector

A quickly absorbed, super light, moisturizing conditioner and protection lotion. Shields hair from heat and external stresses. Hair feels silkier, softer, and healthier. Versatile formula may be rinsed out or left in for extra conditioning. Formulated for all types of hair.

   4.2oz   Lanza Hair Repair Leave-In Protector     
10.1oz   Lanza Hair Repair Leave-In Protector 
33.8oz   Lanza Hair Repair Leave-In Protector 
128 oz   Lanza Hair Repair Leave-In Protector 

Lanza Dry Hair Formula
Moisturizing Shampoo  Detangler  Moisture Treatment Conditioner

Lanza KB2 Moisture Shampoo Lanza KB2 Moisture Shampoo
 was called Moisturizing Shampoo

A moisture-rich cleanser with tonic herbals to soothe & calm the hair.

   10.1oz    Lanza KB2 Moisture Shampoo 
   33.8oz    Lanza KB2 Moisture Shampoo 
   128 oz    Lanza KB2 Moisture Shampoo 

Lanza KB2 DetanglerLanza KB2 Detangler
was called Dry Hair Detangler 10.1oz  Lanza  KB2 Detangler 
33.8oz  Lanza  KB2 Detangler 
128oz   Lanza  KB2 Detangler 

Lanza Moisture Treatment

 Lanza Moisture Treatment

A potent nutrition rich cream that restores vital moisture & elasticity to dry hair.

4oz  Lanza Moisture Treatment 

Lanza Ultimate Treatment

Small Kit  Big Kit 
Purifying Shampoo  Keratin Booster  Reconstructor2  Chemical Balancer 
Leave-In Protector
gallon sizes (best buy) are being discontinued  

Reconstructive treatments are the foundation for helping the hair look its best. They perfect tone and texture, creating the optimum canvas for professional services. But not any reconstructive treatment will do. Lanza’s Ultimate Treatment is known for being one of the purest, most potent most effective hair repair treatments available. Lana Ultimate Treatment features the Company’s exclusive Keratin Bond Systems, one of the worlds most innovative and sought after hair repair ingredients. This “miracle” cure, as it has been called, combines select herbs and protein through a unique hydrolization process. The result is an extraordinary protein delivery system that in a short time makes the hair look and feel stronger, softer, and remarkably healthy. Hair given the Ultimate Treatment prior to a professional service will have better strength, elasticity, and a flawless appearance.

Lanza’s Ultimate Treatment is a 3-step reconstructive service That quickly strengthens and fortifies the hair.. providing inner strength and outer beauty to all hair types.

Lanza Big Ultimate Treatment Kit Lanza Big Ultimate Treatment Kit   

Lanza NEW Ultimate Treatment Kit                  Big Kit
also see Ultimate Kit + Heat Cap to save an additional  10.00 on the heat cap

how to directions--->>> Lanza Ultimate Treatment Directions

Each Kit contains:

  •  33.8oz  - Chelating Shampoo
  •  33.8oz  - Deep Treatment
  •   3.4oz   - Strength Power Booster
  •   3.4oz   - Moisture Power Booster
  •   3.4oz   - Volume Power Booster
  •   8.45oz - Power Protector

you can get the kit (best buy) or or you can order separately below: Matex Thermal Spa Professional Conditioning Heat Cap

33.8oz   Lanza Chelating Shampoo             
33.8oz   Lanza  Deep Treatment                    
64oz   Lanza  Deep Treatment                 
3.4oz   Lanza  Strength Power Booster   
3.4oz   Lanza  Moisture Power Booster  
3.4oz   Lanza  Volume * Power Booster  
8.45oz   Lanza Power Protector 31.95
64oz   Lanza  Lanza Power Protector      
  optional but recommended  Heat Cap   (top right)
  optional    Processing Caps 10count
  optional    Processing Caps 30count
   * as seen on the  HairMatters.US  Hair Styles Fine Hair page


Lanza Ultimate Treatment Step 1: Ultimate Kit + Heat Cap

A deposit remover, clarifier, and chelator in a shampoo base...removes chlorine, trace minerals and cosmetic coatings

Lanza NEW Ultimate Treatment Kit + 10.00 off heat cap  

Lanza Straight-line Formula

Smoothing Shampoo  Smoothing Conditioner  Smoother Balm  Thermal Defense

Lanza Smoothing Shampoo

Lanza Straight-Line Smoothing Shampoo
was called Curl Relaxing Shampoo

A moisture-rich shampoo that cleanses, helps smooth curly hair & helps control frizz.

10.1oz  Lanza Smoothing Shampoo  

Lanza Smoothing Conditioner
Lanza Straight-Line Smoothing Conditioner
was called Curl Relaxing Conditioner

Dual-action formula adds moisture, reduces frizz and helps relax hair. Rinse Out for moisture and shine or Leave in for extra moisture relaxing and frizz control

10.1oz  Lanza Smoothing Conditioner  

Lanza Smoother Balm

Lanza Straight-Line Smoother Balm
was called Temporary Curl Relaxer & Smoother

Eliminates frizz and unwanted wave between shampoos. Smoothes curly Hair.

10.1oz    Lanza Smoother Balm 
33.8 oz   Lanza Smoother Balm 

Lanza Thermal Defense

Lanza Straight Line Thermal Defense

Humidity resistant hot tool styling aid with super holding power and a "thermal defense" barrier that protects hair from heat and sun damage.

6.8oz    Lanza Thermal Defense

Lanza Urban Elements Styling Formula

Bodifying Foam  Liquid Gel  Dramatic F/X  Hair Polish Spray Gel
  Finishing Freeze  Mega Gel  Shine Gel Memory Hairspray  Styling Creme 
Molding Paste  Design Wax

All of Lanza's Styling Formulas have L'anza's exclusive Keratin Bond System® with an advanced nutritional complex of natural vitamins and botanicals to keep hair strong and vital during the styling process. Potent botanicals in the formula are added for shine and added body. All L'anza styling tools have a light fresh fragrance - never overpowering the hair. All are water soluble allowing for easy rinse out and easy application. All L'anza's styling formulas are created for all types of hair and styling possibilities.

Bodifying Foam,  Urban Elements by Lanza
Lanza Urban Elements Bodifying Foam

A 5-in-1 conditioning and styling foam that provides complete styling control with or without heat, with we hair or dry hair, for roller sets, blow drying or naturally drying styles. Provides smoothness and control for frizzy, curly, or dry hair. Easy to apply foam puts control and lift where you want it. Formulated for soft styling.

7.1oz    Lanza Bodifying Foam

Liquid Texture,  Urban Elements by Lanza
Lanza Urban Elements Liquid Gel

A Strong designing gel that will hold a style all day long. Panthenol-enriched to thicken fine hair and build body and shine. Versatile styling tool for wet looks or blow dry styling. Extra firm hold for dramatic styling results. Perfect for all hair types desiring extra body and extra manageability.

Sorry! No longer available

Dramatic f/x,  Urban Elements by Lanza
Lanza Urban Elements Dramatic F/X

A super-fine, medium hold mist to complete your styling with the detailing and defining capacity required for today's styles. Gives extra support for gravity defying styling. Create high definition to styles. Designed for holding memory to styles, giving extra body to fine hair. An all around great hairspray for comb outs and hot roller sets. Formulated for all hair types.

10.6oz    Lanza Dramatic F/X

Hair Polish, Urban Elements by Lanza
Lanza Urban Elements Hair Polish

An ultra shine finishing pomade for smooth, soft styling with natural humectants to tame frizziness and combat dullness in the hair. Grooms the hair with a silky soft feel, allowing for natural tousled styling, as it gives the hair a defined separation of curl. An ideal choice for frizzy, hard to manage hair, naturally curly hair, or hair that requires definition and shine.

Sorry! no longer available
For added shine try the Color Care Shine Glistener by Lanza

For shine and hold try NanoWorks Shine Luxe by Pureology
Dry Shine Styler by Pureology

Spray Gel,  Urban Elements by Lanza

Lanza Urban Elements Spray Gel

A strong designing gel that provides complete styling control in an easy to use spray. Leaves hair soft to touch, never sticky. Panthenol-enriched to thicken fine hair and build body and shine. Provides extra root lift where you want it. Designed to be used as a superb spot hold for hard to access places. Formulated for all hair types.

Sorry! No longer available
Try the NEW Art Elements Spray Gel by Lanza

Finish Freeze,  Urban Elements by Lanza

Lanza Urban Elements Finishing Freeze

A strong holding, protein based finishing spray that dries instantly to a shiny luster for longer lasting style.

Sorry! No longer available
Try the NEW Art Elements Total Recall by Lanza

Megs Gel,  Urban Elements by Lanza

Lanza Urban Elements Mega Gel

A multi-purpose, non-alcohol gel with a strong hold, but a soft natural touch. Can be used for blow-dry or naturally sculpted styles. Formulated for everyone, for everyday use.

6.8oz    Lanza Mega Gel  

Shine Gel,  Urban Elements by Lanza

Lanza Urban Elements Shine Gel

A lightweight glossifier that shines, smoothes, softens, and brightens dull hair. Use before blow-drying or after to finish hair with a high gloss. Formulated for everyone, for everyday use.

Sorry! No longer available

Memory Hair Spray,  Urban Elements by Lanza

Lanza Urban Elements Memory Hairspray

A maximum hold, non-aerosol hairspray that enhances any style with body and shine. Leaves hair brushable as it supports a style all day. Formulated for everyone, for everyday use.

Sorry! No longer available
Try the NEW Art Elements Reflex Spray by Lanza

Styling Cream,  Urban Elements by Lanza

Lanza Urban Elements Styling Creme

a versatile styler that adds weight, moist texture and incredible shine. Tames frizz while enhancing natural movement.

6.8oz    Lanza Styling Creme

Original packaging while supplies last! Only 6 left.
Try the NEW Art Elements Design Cream by Lanza

molding paser -- art elements


Lanza Urban Elements Molding Paste

New Urban Elements hair thickens molding paste adds volume and definition.

6.8oz    Lanza Molding Paste

Design Wax Urban Elelements by Lanza

Lanza Urban Elements Design Wax

A petroleum free hair wax tha adds testure, seperation, pliability and shine.

6.8oz    Lanza Design Wax

Lanza Urban Elements Formula

Remedy Shampoo  Shampoo Plus KB2   Mint Revitalizer 
Daily Clarifying Shampoo  Nourishing Conditioner  Leave-in Conditioner

Urban elements shampoos, conditioners, and stling priducts provide maximum performance and protection for your urban lifestyle. Each product contains a unique and specialized organic formulation that combines the benefits of Lanza's Keratin Bond System with those found only in luxury skin care products. The result is an advanced solution that provides the protective and healing properties of skin care with the elements necessary for your hair's urban survival.

Remedy Shampoo,  Urban Elements by Lanza Lanza Urban Elements Remedy Shampoo

A creamy, soothing shampoo to replenish lost moisture, heal dry scalp, and restore natural balance to problem scalp and dehydrated hair. A powerful mix of highly hydrating plant extracts, vitamins, and special ingredients with anti-bacterial and disinfectant qualities, to provide healing, antiseptic and moisture-retention properties for scalp and hair. Mild enough for children. Helps heal cradle cap. Formulated for anyone with dry hair and scalp, or special scalp problems.

10.1oz    Lanza Remedy Shampoo  
33.8oz    Lanza Remedy Shampoo

Shampoo Plus,  Urban Elements by LanzaLanza Urban Elements Shampoo Plus KB2

is A refreshing multi-use shampoo for all hair types. An eclectic blend of proteins and moisturizers to impart light conditioning, while increasing comb-ability and shine. Formulated for everyone, for everyday use.

10.1oz    Lanza Shampoo Plus KB2
33.8oz    Lanza Shampoo Plus KB2
128oz    Lanza Shampoo Plus KB2

Daily-Revitalizer,  Urban Elements by LanzaLanza Urban Elements Mint Revitalizer
was called Daily Revitalizer

Weightless, stimulating moisturizer with pleasant tingling action that leaves the hair and scalp feeling refreshed and alive. A special blend of alpha-hydroxy acids, botanical extracts and essential oils gently exfoliate, hydrate and stimulate skin cell renewal.

6.8oz     Lanza Mint Revitalizer
33.8oz   Lanza Mint Revitalizer  

Deep Cleansing Shampoo,  Urban Elements by LanzaLanza Urban Elements Daily Clarifying Shampoo
was called Deep Cleansing Shampoo

A multi-action shampoo formulated to gently cleanse as it normalizes oil secretions and brings a natural balance to oily scalp and hair. Refines hair texture and shine by removing build-up from coating styling products. Formulated for anyone with oily hair and scalp. (Yes this shampoo has an Orange color)

10.1oz   Lanza Daily Clarifying Shampoo 
33.8oz   Lanza Daily Clarifying Shampoo 
128oz    Lanza Daily Clarifying Shampoo 

nourishing conditionerLanza Urban Elements Nourishing Conditioner
was called Deep Conditioner

A restorative, potent strengthener that replenishes the delicate balance of moisture, elasticity, and strength in the hair. Boosts the hair's natural defenses, improving texture and overall tensile strength.

6.8oz    Lanza Nourishing Conditioner 
33.8oz  Lanza Nourishing Conditioner  

Leave In Conditioner,  Urban Elements by LanzaLanza Urban Elements Leave-In Conditioner

A light replenishing conditioner that adds incredible body and sheen without weighing down the hair. Protects hair from daily exposure to heating elements and the environment. Adds incredible body and shine without weighing down the hair. Leave in for normal to coarse hair. Rinse out for fine hair. Formulated for everyone, for everyday use.

4.23oz    Lanza Leave-In Conditioner    
10.1oz    Lanza Leave-In Conditioner   
33.8oz    Lanza Leave-In Conditioner  26.00  
128oz     Lanza Leave-In Conditioner  83.00  

Lanza Volume Formula

Bodifying Shampoo  Weightless Rinse Bodifying Liquid
  Zero Weight Gel  Root Effects  Final Effects

Volume Formula is an antioxidant-enriched system that helps slow down the aging process - the loss of fullness, thickness & shine that commonly occurs as we age. Antioxidants aid in the prevention of cell damage, thereby improving scalp and hair condition - building volume from the roots to the ends. This advanced formulation restores youthful volume, shine and touchable fullness to dull, lifeless hair - promoting the long term health of the hair and scalp.   
Lanza Volume Bodifying Shampoo
Lanza Volume Bodifying Shampoo

All natural herb based antioxidant-enriched shampoo that helps protect the growth of healthy hair.

12oz     Lanza Bodifying Shampoo  
33.8oz  Lanza Bodifying Shampoo  

Lanza Volume Weightless Rinse
Lanza Volume Weightless Rinse

A strong designing gel that will hold a style all day long. Panthenol-enriched to thicken fine hair and build body and shine. Versatile styling tool for wet looks or blow dry styling. Extra firm hold for dramatic styling results. Perfect for all hair types desiring extra body and extra manageability.

12oz     Lanza Weightless Rinse    
33.8oz  Lanza Weightless Rinse    

Bodifying Liquid  Volume Formula by Lanza (wasBody Styling Creaml)

Lanza Volume Bodifying Liquid
was called Body Styling Cream

A unique conditioning styling cream that  adds volume and sheen to fine, limp air with out build-up.

6.8oz  Lanza Bodifying Liquid    

Lanza Volume Zero Weight Gel
Lanza Volume Zero Weight Gel

Weightless alcohol-free volume gel that  provides super hold and total styling versatility

  • alcohol free
  • super hold (factor 7)
  • adds both texture and body
6.8oz  Lanza Zero Weight Gel     

root effects Volume Formula by Lanza


Lanza Volume Root Effects

A lightweight "spray foam" volumizer that enhances natural texture and shine.

7.1oz  Lanza Root Effects    

final effects hair spray Volume Formula by Lanza

Lanza Volume Final Effects

A maximum hold finishing spray enriched with Panthenol, a natural hair thickener & body builder that gives your hair the volumizing power you need to defy the law of gravity.

10oz  Lanza Final Effects    

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